Decoration Lighting

Good lighting is essential in terms of practicality and, at the same time, one of the most important elements in creating atmosphere and ambience in any interior. With the right lighting, a room can be turned into a welcoming home.

Lighting should be an exciting and fun part of the decor in any residential or hospitality space.

That is why we created ourĀ  Decoration Lighting Catalogue with one thing on our minds: How to make your interior space warm, welcoming and in tune with contemporary interior design trends.

In this catalogue you’ll find a great selection of stand-alone luminaires as well as lighting fixtures, suitable for wall mounted, recessed or pendant installation and of course our range of filament lamps – the ideal match for our fixtures.

Designed to resemble the feeling of a traditional incandescent light bulb, our wide range of LED filament light bulbs offer a highly efficient modern age alternative for preserving the warm atmosphere of the past.

Decoration Lighting Catalogue

Deco Lighting