Designing your lighting solutions

Welcome to Intelligent innovations

IINNO is a global leader in the LED lighting industry, specializing in custom-made commercial, industrial and project lighting solutions for the international market.

With our head-offices strategically located in the manufacturing and production hubs around the world, we are able to offer excellent product quality control and superior customer service to our clients on a global level.

We manage a wide network of clients including several distribution partners located in over 30 countries. Having successfully implemented over 5000 lighting projects across the globe, we at IINNO have the expertise and experience to offer clients the widest variety of energy efficient lighting solutions.

Our global customers have access to over 25,000 LED products via our international network of partners. These include: high bays, flood lights, street lights, down-lights, tube lights, track lights, panel lights, linear lights,
explosion proof lights, architectural lighting and more.

Energy efficient lighting
for a greener and more
sustainable future