Commercial & Industrial Lighting

We’ve created a catalogue of hand-picked products that can fit seamlessly into the architecture of any retail, commercial or industrial space, while providing highly efficient luminosity precisely where needed. Because we at IINNO, understand that both Commercial and Industrial Lighting have a very basic element in common: the need to provide the optimal lighting required to accomplish a task or activity.

To remain strong in industry, you must scrutinize costs across every process. Lighting can account for up to 80% of the energy bill of an industrial site, so it must be as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Long-lasting and highly energy-efficient LED lighting from IINNO for both the interior and the exterior of your site, can have a great impact towards reducing your operational costs through lower energy consumption, improved productivity and safer work spaces.

Commercial lighting is used for spaces such as offices, stores, institutions, hospitals and government buildings. In commercial buildings, accomplishing a task or activity is generally the most important function, and the lighting design  should ensure that people working in the space are comfortable and that the lux level requirements and energy efficiency standards are suitable.

Browse through our catalogue to view our high quality and energy efficient lighting solutions that we’ve selected for your Commercial or Industrial lighting needs.

Commercial & Industrial Lighting Catalogues