Our Products

Architectural Lighting

INNO has put together a state of the art selection of products, suitable for small and large scale architectural projects. Quality materials, sophisticated design and anti-glare technology blend together to provide a wide range of highly customizable led lighting products.

Outdoor Lighting

The perfect combination of lighting can transform an outdoor space into an oasis. Bring a building’s best features to life by creating a dramatic effect with shadowing or illuminating paths and selected areas; a guaranteed way to create functional, livable

Decoration Lighting

Good lighting is essential in terms of practicality and, at the same time, one of the most important elements in creating atmosphere and ambience in any interior. With the right lighting, a room can be turned into a welcoming home.

Commercial & Industrial Lighting

We’ve created a catalogue of hand-picked products that can fit seamlessly into the architecture of any retail, commercial or industrial space, while providing highly efficient luminosity precisely where needed.

Explosion Proof Lights

Explosion proof LED lights are built to perform effectively and economically in hazardous locations where flammable chemical/petrochemical vapors may be encountered, providing a highly efficient and reliable lighting solution.

Street Lights

IINNO offers a carefully selected range of smart and highly energy efficient street lighting options that boast sleek designs and can satisfy the needs and requirements of any urban and municipal region.