Project Case Studies

Project Case Studies

Street Lighting Study

A LED street lighting study for the parking areas of Dubai Outlet Mall

Warehouse / Workshop

Lighting study for the installation of 60 high bays in a warehouse’s indoor spaces

Comparative Lighting Study for Restaurant

Lighting study comparing LED highbays to LED panel lights for a restaurant in China

Football Academy

A complete indoor lighting study for a football players’ Academy with LED panels & downlights

School Exterior Lighting

Complete outdoor lighting study for a school in Dubai

Sea Port Application

A study for the installation of Street Lights and floodlights in a Sea Port

Panels in Super Market application

A case study with 54W Panels installed in a 2-floor Super Market

School Interior Lighting

A study incorporating Panels and Downlights in various halls of a school

LED Panels in Office Space

A DIALux Study for 40W and 60W LED Panels in office application

LED Floodlights in 5×5 football field

Lighting Study in 5×5 football field using 230W LED Floodlights