Japan invites visitors to walk through its twinkling lights tunnel

Japan is known for its impressive fall foliage and spring cherry blossoms, which are often illuminated at night for locals and tourists alike. But Nabana no Sato, a flower park located in Mie Prefecture, takes things up a notch with its illuminated tunnels. From mid-October to early-May, the park hosts the Winter Illumination event, which attracts visitors from across the country.

Visitors follow trails of lights strewn across the landscape, which rotates through the seasons, and are guided through two large illuminated tunnels. Each tunnel is lit to highlight seasonal foliage, making them captivating installations that are impossible not to photograph.

Millions of LED lights are used to produce the spectacular illuminations, which Nabana no Sato has been creating for 14 years. In the Kawazu Sakura light tunnel, pink bulbs mimic the growth of cherry blossoms throughout the 100-meter (328-foot) tunnel. This newer tunnel complements the even longer one, which runs for 200 meters (656 feet) strung with 1.2 million bulbs shaped like flowers.

Each year, the park selects a theme for its light show, with 2018 celebrating Kumamoto. This prefecture in Southern Japan was rocked by an earthquake in April 2016, and Nabana no Sato hoped to remind travelers of the area’s beauty through its light show.

Source:   mymodernmet.com